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    Appraisal : 70000/80000 €

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    LOT N°041

    Burmese blue of medium strong saturation sapphire of 6,65 ct. modified brilliant cushion cut with no indication of heating following the SSEF report. Very nice glittering in this saturated blue color with flashes between royal blue and sky bue. What a fire ! What you can see in this stone is explained in the expert's notes. 
    SSEF Report nr. 72216, 9 January 2014. 
    Dimensions : 9,97 x 9,62 x 7,36 mm. 

    Expert notes:

    Read more /> We could content ourselves with a simple technical description, but no. This sapphire is unique. If you want to see a ‘Finger Print’ in 3D, of which the perfect lines go from transparency to orange, take your magnifying glass and enter the material. It is the top model of ‘Finger Prints’. Once we’re finished looking at it, we notice veils and discreet needles of rutile. In this sapphire, the veils are geometric and also in 3D. Instant emotion!

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    Appraisal : 45000/50000 €

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    LOT N°042

    Natural violet sapphire of 29,68 ct. with no indication of thermal treatment following the indications of the GRS report. Brillant cushion cut quite flat that allows us to admire a very particular show of inclusions. The color is bright, even, intense and some spots of light bounce on the internal structure. 
    GRS Report nr. GRS2011-052331, 9 May 2011. 
    Gem Report Antwerp nr. 1830006170 AN, 24 February 2022. 
    Dimensions :

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    21,11 x 16,95 x 7,97 mm. 

    Expert notes:
    Although the inclusions in the sapphire look like a meteorite shower, they are simply needles of rutile. What is impressive is their parallel placement. The light shines along their lines following the same direction. And yet, the stone is of great transparency and unfurls its color with panache.

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    Appraisal : 30000/35000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°043

    Cornflower blue Ceylon sapphire of 4,98 ct. with no indication of thermal treatment. Modified brilliant/step cushion with rounded edges. Ceylon origin mentioned in the GRS report. When looked from the table position while moving, lighter areas appear. It is in fact the light which is reflected on clouds of very fine rutile needles. These clouds lead to a great softness in the stone. It is velvety, precious and refined.
    GRS report nr. GRS2019-019758 of January 14, 2019.
    Dimensions : 10,38 x 9,42 x 5,09 mm. 

    Read more background-color:="" font-size:="" helvetica="" style="font-family: Roboto, " /> Munsell Book of Color: 
    Primary hues : 6.25PB 3/12, 7.5PB 3/10 et 7.5PB 4/12
    Color flashes : 3.75PB 4/12 et 5PB 4/10

    Expert notes:
    The arrangement of rutile is splendid, stripes are perfectly designed. We notice in the stone rare small sticks aligned in a parallel way, which reflects that crystals associated themselves and repeated their pattern therefore creating an element of slices. This is rare in a sapphire this beautiful. The magnifying glass x10 is enough in itself to admire the natural non-modified traces in the gem.

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    Appraisal : 38000/42000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°044

    Intense purple-pink, round brillant, mixed cut sapphire of 7,26 ct. with a color softened by numerous little crystals in suspension, so typical of the Madagascar origin mentioned in the ALGT report. These crystals allow a reflection of the light in the entire stone, avoiding any light extinction phenomena. Depending on the position in which we look at it, the purple-pink prevails or lets sparkle an orangy-pink color. Very nice transparency and sparkle.

    Read more style="font-family: Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; background-color: rgb(238, 238, 238);">ALGT report nr. 77048669 of March 7, 2022 indicating the unheated character of the sapphire.
    Dimensions : 11,24 - 11,32 x 7,04 mm. 
    Munsell book of Color : 
    Primary hues : 5RP 3/8 et 10PB 5/10
    Color flashes : 5RP 5/10 et 5RP 5/12

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    Appraisal : 28000/32000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°045

    Mozambique red ruby of 4,65 ct. modified rectangular cushion cut with no indication of thermal treatment following the GRS report. Bright saturated red color. Nice thickness for this beautiful ruby with an internal tormented structure that gives such a sparkling red. 
    GRS Report nr. GRS2009-011507, 19 January

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    Gem Report Antwerp nr. 1830006168 AN, 24 February 2022. 
    Dimensions : 9,70 x 7,44 x 6,42 mm. 

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    Appraisal : 8000/10000 €

    Hammer price : 8000 €

    LOT N°046

    Mixed deep cushion cut yellow sapphire of 6,49 ct. having the particularity to have little frog eggs like inclusions. Natural sapphire showing no signs of treatments and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) origin suggested by the ALGT Lab, which is confirmed by its very particular inclusions. Very soft yellow color letting the light bounce off the suspended crystals.
    ALGT report nr. 00761245 of March 7, 2022
    Dimensions : 9,44 x 9,32 x 7,90 mm. 

    Expert notes:
    The suspension of

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    small natural zircons is already in place during the formation of the sapphire. Once the sapphire creates itself in the earth’s crust, it undergoes strong pressures and temperatures. The material forms itself around the zircons, provoking halos that we can perfectly recognize thanks to an instrument, the polarizing filter. Two very distant geological eras are reunited in this stone.

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    Appraisal : 21000/25000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°047

    Bluish purple sapphire of 7,53 ct. cushion mixed cut. No indication of thermal enhancement following the advice of the Gemmological Institute of India. High clarity and brightness. Saturated luminous color.
    Gemmological Institute of India nr. GEM-21100925-001, 17 November 2021. 
    Dimensions : 12,71 x 8,94 x 7,02 mm. 

    Expert notes:
    If the

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    color declined itself under three references of the Munsell Book of Color, it is not by chance. By using two light sources, a warm and a cold one, the stone goes from blue to purple. It is what we call a ‘color change’. This makes the stone more mysterious.

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    Appraisal : 600/800 €

    Hammer price : 650 €

    LOT N°048

    Bicolor Tourmaline of 6,86 ct., with a nice transparency. There is a concentration of salmon pink in the center with a few discreet lines verging on raspberry and diffusing a soft pale green color at the ends. Modified rectangular scissor-cut particulary well executed. Luminous stone with a soft luster. Discreet grainings.
    Dimensions : 12,12 x 9,04 x 6,60 mm.

    Expert notes:
    In this tourmaline, two major colors come together, salmon

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    and pale green. This is why the stone is considered bicolor. To be more precise, the lines with more intense colors navigate through the stone, making it multicolor. Indeed, the pale green, the darker green, the pink, the salmon, the raspberry lines coexist with delicacy following a tender and relatively symmetric distribution.

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    Appraisal : 300/400 €

    Hammer price : 300 €

    LOT N°049

    Lot of four round cabochons rhodochrosite of a nice purity. Quite homogeneous intense pink color and translucency in some parts. Their coral-like color and shape allow them to be classified among the "candy" gems, referring to the soft colors of childhood. Two different formats.  Small graining and fissures, consequences of the nature of the stone.

    Read more background-color: rgb(238, 238, 238);">Dimensions cabochon 1 : 12,02 x 11,95 x 5,24 mm. Weight : 7,17 ct.
    Dimensions cabochon 2 : 12,06 x 11,90 x 5,23 mm. Weight : 7,09 ct.
    Dimensions cabochon 3 : 12,06 x 12,02 x 5,24 mm. Weight : 7,29 ct.
    Dimensions cabochon 4 : 15,90 x 15,76 x 6,66 mm. Weight : 15,95  ct.

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    Appraisal : 4000/5000 €

    Hammer price : 5500 €

    LOT N°050

    Very shimmering natural purple red spinel of 8,09 ct. from Burma (Myanmar) as mentioned in the GLC report. Very well executed square mixed cushion cut allowing a beautiful play of light. Great transparency and uniformity of the bright color, and yet with a delicate silkiness. No mention concerning the treatment in the report. 
    GLC (Thailand) report nr. A77992 of June 16, 2020.
    Dimensions : 10,97 x 11,27 x 7,67 mm.
    Munsell Book of Color

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    Primary hue : 10RP 2/6
    Secondary hue : 10RP 2/8
    Tertiary nue : 10RP 5/12

    Expert notes :
    This spinel has no less than three colors on the same page in the Munsell Book of Color. What does this mean? We are confronted to a stone that has developed strong nuances in the same tonality. A declination on the same theme is not common.

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    Appraisal : 58000/62000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°051

    Intense pink Greenlandic sapphire of 15,99 ct.. Oval cabochon cut, mined by "Greenland Ruby" and presenting a very nice shine. Heat treated.
    Traceability number from mine to merchant : 2018. 
    Original Greenland Ruby certificat nr. 8067730138 March 10, 2022.
    Dimensions : 14,94 x 11,50 x 8,44 mm. 

    Expert notes: 

    Read more background-color:="" font-size:="" helvetica="" style="font-family: Roboto, " /> A pink sapphire of this beautiful quality and size is rare. This sapphire is actually one of the nicest mined in Greenland. With its B quality, we enter the exceptional category. Traceability, local population at work, restitution of the site after the operating period, this is the quality process to extract those gemstones of Greenland. 

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    Appraisal : 18000/20000 €

    Hammer price : 0 €

    LOT N°052

    Greenland ruby of 6,16 ct. pear mixted cut presenting in daylight an intense medium red color. This is why the Lotus Gemology silver categorizes it as a ruby, while the standards for Greenland Ruby who mined it, listed the stone as an intense pink sapphire in their report. Very nice transparency and shine. Heat treated. Traceability number from mine to marchant : 2027.
    Greenland Ruby certificate of origin nr. 3661883691 Mars 10, 2022.
    Full Lotus Gemology Silver report with appendix in book format nr. 5493-0679 Mars 7,

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    Dimensions : 13,00 x 9,17 x 6,78 mm. 

    Expert notes:
    This ruby is one of the first faceted stones by Greenland Ruby, which initiated its mines in 2017. The stone described here is from the 2018 production. With this quality and size, we enter the exceptional category. As the famous gemologist, Vincent Pardieu, claims : rubies from Greenland are certainly amongst the most ancient on earth. When we move the ruby, a few sparks of orange could tend towards the color of a padparadscha. It is subtle yet delivers a fiery element to the stone.

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