Comic Strip

Hergé, Franquin, Moebius, Vance, Will, Lambil, Peyo, Morris, Francq, Druillet, Manara or Tibet......

So many iconic names of the comic strip world that bring back our childhood’s foundest memories. Who has never drawn in a black and white Tintin album? Who does not recall Gaston Lagaffe’s crazy inventions or Spirou’s hectic adventures ?

Fine connoisseurs of the 9th art, Millon Belgique’s collaborators will guide you through the process of expertise, evaluation, sale and purchase of everything that relates to the comic strip sphere. From albums to original strips and drawings to derivative products, this domain has no secrets for our team thanks to the dozens of cataloged and online sales organized since 2005.

Our specialists remain at your disposal for any questions related to this particular art:

Albums : Antoine Plaisant
Original strip : Thierry Goossens
Objects and figurines : Jean Michel


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